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“Having to Focus on Money Every Day is Such a Limitation of the Human Mind,” Owner of Rocco’s Jewelry Says

Everyone defines financial freedom in terms of their own goals. According to the owner of Rocco’s Jewelry, Rocco DiBenedetto, financial freedom is the only way to be truly free. It is having the means to travel when and where you want. It is the ability to pursue any endeavor that you see fit. He believes focusing on money daily is a limitation of the human mind and hopes to one day reach this level of liberation.

Rocco’s Jewelry focuses on creating one-of-a-kind pieces for hip-hop culture. Engagement rings and jewelry repairs are two other areas of expertise they are well known for. Unlike many other jewelers, Rocco did not feel obligated to follow in the family business. His knowledge of the jewelry industry is entirely self-taught. 

His job at a pawnshop and jewelry store sparked this desire. His friends and family made up a large portion of the store’s clientele. Their typical purchase is for a holiday or other commemorative event. As Rocco DiBenedetto listened to customers talk about how happy they were with their purchases, he knew he wanted to be a jeweler.

Rocco’s Jewelry was founded with the intention of leaving a lasting legacy. Rocco enjoys working and being busy on the condition that it is fulfilling. “If I’m going to bust my ass, it’s going to be for something that I can hopefully be remembered for,” Rocco said. He wanted to leave a legacy that would be worth remembering.

Like most businesses, Rocco’s Jewelry has had its share of ups and downs. Still, the robbery that happened in August is the hardest thing Rocco has ever had to deal with. Unfortunately for Rocco, many irreplaceable goods were lost, and some staff quit out of fear. Rocco reflected, saying, “Many people told me to relocate or leave. When you do this kind of work, you often risk being robbed or even killed. However, this is my profession. I started this company with nothing but an idea in my head. I will not be evicted. From what I’ve seen, this is how it usually unfolds,” he continued.

Rocco kept going even though his first, unguided attempts to get into the industry were hard. His growth was a direct result of his positive and negative life experiences. Since the recent tragedy, Rocco has increased security at his store and among his staff.

Rocco’s Jewelry is an example of transparency and honesty in an industry full of shady jewelers. They separate themselves from the competition by giving special attention to each and every one of their clients. Rocco and his team work hard to get a fair price without lowering the quality of the goods.

Rocco warns that businesses in his field are known for taking advantage of customers who don’t know much. “Not many people are as committed as I am to helping each client make the best decision based on their unique financial and life situation. If a consumer makes a purchase they later come to regret, they are not likely to come back,” Rocco says.

Let’s say you’ve been considering launching your own company. If so, Rocco suggests doing a lot of research on the subject, whether in the jewelry business or somewhere else. Recognize your weaknesses before attempting anything new.

Rocco plans to increase the company’s online presence in the future so that it can attract customers all over the world. He is also working on some high-profile design projects and teaming up with celebrities at the moment. Rocco’s Jewelry can be found on Instagram at @roccosjewelry. Follow them, and peruse their collection of beautiful and high-quality jewelry.

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