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Growing Thick Skin as a Child Helped Tigran Gertz Get Past Challenges to Achieve Success

Bullying victims may experience long-lasting repercussions, such as anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. However, in a few rare instances, victims grow up with thick skin and are better able to endure challenges. Tigran Gertz, a YouTube sensation and legend in the construction field,  is one example. Tigran’s family relocated to Wisconsin in 1999 in an effort to begin a new and better life. Being an outsider to American culture was particularly challenging for him because he didn’t speak the language.

Tigran was bullied by other students, especially at school, and found it difficult to make friends outside of school. As Tigran progressed to high school, his woes persisted. He struggled to pass his classes in high school. He constantly thought about ways to make money while in class to support his family. Those constant anxieties finally vanished when he realized he enjoyed cutting lawns and could make a modest living doing it. 

He was enjoying himself so much at work that he began uploading time-lapse videos to YouTube so that future customers could see how well he performed. As a result, he began attracting a crowd of eager prospective customers keen to see a preview of the work they would be paying for.

Everything came to a head in 2007 after Tigran had just finished a 12-hour day of dethatching lawns. He began enlisting his friends to help him to retain his newfound YouTube stardom, paying them $10 per hour to split the work with him. After paying his friends, he discovered he had generated $1,000 in profits in a single day. He realized then that he no longer had to worry about providing for his family or stressing over attending college. He knew what lay ahead of him: construction and then landscaping. 

Tigran urges others to “just do it!” since he feels that making that decision was the turning point in his life. When asked what his finest advice is for people wishing to start their own businesses, he said, “Stop considering starting a business. I receive Instagram DMs like, “Hey T, I’m considering starting a landscaping business. Have any advice for me?” constantly. I always answer the same way: “Stop thinking and act!”

Looking back on his formative years in America, Tigran has a unique perspective, despite the circumstances. “I was fine with the bullying,” he declared. “I gained a thick skin because of that.” Childhood bullying caused him to build a thick skin, which would later help him excel and become the industry’s rock star. Tigran has come a long way, thanks to his emotional toughness and perseverance. In fact, he has gotten so far that his company’s strategy is based on the idea that failure is better than doing nothing.

According to Tigran, the mindset has always been the most critical aspect of business ownership. He contends that while all businesses have difficulties, how you, as a business owner, handle those difficulties will set you apart from your competitors. Suppose you allow work-related issues to negatively impact your emotions. In that case, they will follow you long after the workday is over. This limitation is worse than any financial or physical problems your business or you may have.

Tigran Gertz is dedicated to showing others how to accomplish everything he has. Numerous videos on his YouTube channel show ambitious business owners how to start their own companies by first resolving their mental health and then learning how to acquire new money. Check out Tigran’s YouTube channel and follow him on Instagram at @tigrangertz to follow his journey.

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