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Golshan Bakhtiary: A Remarkable Journey from War-Torn Origins to Empowering Persian Women Globally

Golshan Bakhtiary’s life is an extraordinary narrative of resilience, transformation, and a commitment to empower women. Born on June 17, 1990, in Masjed Soleiman, Iran, Golshan’s journey began amidst the aftermath of the Iran-Iraq war. From her humble beginnings, she emerged as a compassionate midwife, healing remote villages. However, her story took an unforeseen turn in Italy, where a chance encounter in a Fendi store set the stage for her participation in the Selection of Miss Italy 2016. This pivotal moment marked the inception of the Miss Persia project, a platform dedicated to empowering Iranian women on a global scale.

The Miss Persia Campaign: Overcoming Obstacles with Unyielding Determination

Golshan’s journey in launching the Miss Persia campaign was fraught with challenges. The Iranian Ministry of Culture posed obstacles, and navigating through U.S. sanctions required strategic planning. Undeterred, Golshan embarked on a relentless campaign that included collecting signatures, participating in marches, and even undertaking a barefoot 21-kilometer walk to secure a spot for Iranian women in Miss Universe.In the face of initial setbacks, her indomitable determination caught the attention of the Miss Universe Organization and sent Golshan on long trips for further consultations. 

Her journey, characterized by resilience and supported by various advocates, stands as a testament to the transformative power of individual determination and the collective belief in the untapped potential of women.

Golshan Bakhtiary: A Woman of Unconventional Ideas and Innovations

Golshan’s journey is not just a story of beauty pageants and overcoming societal barriers; it is a testament to her innovative spirit. Her ability to generate new ideas involves immersing herself in a world of novelty, intentionally seeking fresh concepts. Jotting down initial ideas, she delves into gatherings to discover clues that can enhance and expand them. Embracing criticism is integral to her process, fueling her motivation to refine and innovate.

Her ideas emanate from observations, conversations, and existing problems lacking optimal solutions. To tap into a wealth of diverse perspectives, she adopts the role of someone who doesn’t know much, encouraging others to share their ideas more openly. According to Golshan, successful entrepreneurship involves listening more than talking, occasionally feigning ignorance to draw out valuable insights that may illuminate her professional path, even if disguised in seemingly unrelated words.

Motivation: Thriving in Solitude and Amidst Criticism

Golshan’s motivation thrives in solitude or amidst criticism. When faced with disapproval, she seeks unconventional solutions to prove naysayers wrong, often yielding the best results. She believes true innovation arises from seemingly mad ideas, ones ordinary minds wouldn’t conceive.

Processing others’ perceptions of her becomes a catalyst for strategic planning and goal setting, occurring in mere seconds. To fuel creativity, she intentionally invites blame and dissatisfaction from those around her, finding her talents amplified in the midst of challenges and criticism.

Writing the rules for Miss Persia happened during her lowest moments, where limitations and blame unveil her true potential. She embraces challenges, even if they bring tears, as she believes people need external pressure to truly live. Deliberately putting herself in situations where blame is imminent fuels her creativity and motivation. In these moments, she prioritizes self and creativity over external opinions, aiming to contribute to humanity’s evolution.

Generating New Ideas: A Mindset of Possibility

Golshan’s approach to generating new ideas is deeply rooted in her belief that there is a solution to every problem. She enjoys solving puzzles and has been pursuing innovative projects since childhood. Her desire to create new fields led her to participate in competitions such as the Nobel Prize in Physics competition for young minds under the age of 20 in Poland.

Although she has faced failures, her determination remains, aspiring to re-examine and redefine the rules of the game, with the aim of legalizing it in a supportive environment after 18 years. Golshan’s mindset is one of endless possibility, where failures are not roadblocks but stepping stones to further exploration and innovation.

Miss Persia: A Unique Approach to Beauty Pageants

After seven years of dedicated work, Golshan successfully launched the Miss Persia organization, a specialized entity aimed at empowering Persian women. The approach involved thorough research on international competitions, blending insights from top-performing countries with Golshan’s personal philosophy.

The extensive pre-production stages and zero competitions in 2023 allowed the team to refine the organization’s execution and produce a comprehensive guidebook. This guidebook, designed to address any internal challenges, is crafted to serve as a valuable reference not only for Miss Persia but also as a potential guide for other countries entering the realm of beauty contests.

Miss Persia stands out not only for its mission to empower women but also for its innovative and strategic approach to the world of beauty pageants. Golshan’s vision goes beyond the superficial aspects of such competitions, aiming to redefine beauty standards and celebrate the intellect, resilience, and untapped potential of women.

Defining Success: A Holistic Perspective

For Golshan, success transcends the conventional notions of winning; it’s about finding profound satisfaction in endeavors. It means that even in moments of apparent failure, there exists a deep sense of contentment and tranquility derived from the valuable experiences gained. Success, to her, is intricately woven with the fabric of personal growth and the joy found in positive contributions to oneself and others.

She firmly believes that losers aren’t synonymous with the unsuccessful; anyone who, in the course of their life, learns something positive or contributes something positive can rightfully claim success. It’s about cultivating a genuine sense of satisfaction in the heart and mind, a measure of success that goes beyond external achievements and resonates with the internal fulfillment derived from meaningful experiences.

No Set Recipe: Entrepreneurial Insights

In the realm of entrepreneurship, Golshan acknowledges that there’s no set recipe, but rather a myriad of criteria that can distinguish one and propel them to do unprecedented things. She emphasizes that the size of one’s aspirations determines the scale of their growth. If there’s anything akin to a formula, it lies in the perspective. Thinking big possesses the transformative power to elevate an ordinary individual or entrepreneur into a highly skilled one.

If people grasp the potential of altering every facet of the world through the sheer force of their minds, they would undoubtedly invest more time in self-discovery and understanding the dynamics of energies. It’s a formula that, when embraced, has the capacity to redefine what’s achievable and set apart those who dare to think beyond conventional limits.

Most Satisfying Moments: Tears, Triumphs, and Transformations

Golshan’s most gratifying moment in her professional journey was undoubtedly when tears flowed freely in the embrace of the owner of the Miss Universe Organization. The vulnerability of that moment, crying without restraint, marked the culmination of numerous trials and adventures. To be able to intimately hug such a formidable and legendary woman felt like a profound achievement.

Another deeply satisfying chapter in the Miss Persia project unfolded when, after an arduous three-month campaign, Golshan successfully gathered the five thousand personal signatures. The stress and effort melted away when the last signature was secured. She retreated home for three days, immersing herself in much-needed rest, reveling in a mix of happiness and relief from the weight of fatigue.

These moments are etched in Golshan’s mind as the pinnacle of satisfaction in her professional endeavors. Each tear shed, each triumph celebrated, and each transformation witnessed has contributed to the rich tapestry of her journey.

Plans for Business Growth: Media Influence and Exclusive Events

As Golshan plans to expand her team, recognizing the influence of media is paramount. Hosting exclusive events featuring prominent celebrities has become a strategic move to introduce Miss Persia, tapping into their vast follower base for potential sponsors.

The upcoming event on January 9 in Rome, set against the backdrop of one of Italy’s most luxurious venues, is a source of immense pride for Golshan. This event signifies a pivotal moment, showcasing not only the brand’s vision but also its ability to attract influential figures and establish itself on a grand scale. Golshan is excited to witness the impact of this development, recognizing it as a significant stride forward for Miss Persia.

Lessons from Failures: Resilience, Innovation, and the Power of Mindset

Experiencing failures has been a defining aspect of Golshan’s life, almost overshadowing successes tenfold. In those moments of despair, tears become a cathartic release, a prelude to the birth of new ideas and solutions. Like a spring pulled backward, she finds herself propelled forward after the storm of emotions. The best moments arise from the aftermath of tears, birthing a new song of resilience.

Lessons learned from failures have taught Golshan the value of seeking solutions and retreating into a cocoon of silence for introspection, a necessary process that takes a few months. She holds a guarded stance on her endeavors, choosing not to reveal details to others, offering unrelated answers when pressed.

Believing in extraterrestrial energies, she safeguards her own energetic balance, recognizing the disturbance caused by external forces. A deep smile becomes her response to others’ failures or energies, as she firmly rejects the notion of impossibility, understanding that our thinking shapes limits and creates barriers.

Her mindset is a powerful force that propels her forward, dismantling perceived barriers and reinforcing the belief that nothing is truly impossible in this world.

Conclusion: Golshan Bakhtiary’s Inspiring Odyssey

In Golshan Bakhtiary‘s inspiring journey, from war-torn origins to empowering Persian women globally, each chapter unfolds as a testament to her resilience, determination, and commitment to positive change. Miss Persia stands as a beacon of empowerment, celebrating the untapped potential of women on the global stage.

Golshan’s ability to turn challenges into opportunities, her unconventional approach to innovation, and her steadfast commitment to empowering women showcase the depth of her character. As she continues to lead Miss Persia into new realms of success and growth, her story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, change-makers, and anyone seeking to make a lasting impact in the world.

About Miss Persia

Miss Persia is a transformative platform dedicated to empowering Persian women globally. Founded by Golshan Bakhtiary, the organization aims to celebrate the untapped potential of women and redefine beauty standards on the global stage. For more information, visit

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