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From Bankruptcy to Million-Dollar CEO: The Inspiring Story of Elsa Morgan and “The Queenie Effect.”

Elsa Morgan is an influential entrepreneur and founder of “The Queenie Effect Publishing,” a company she established in 2021. Elsa’s inspiring story began when her parents migrated to Australia when she was just 18 months old with only $50 and one suitcase. Elsa experienced many challenges throughout her life, including being a university dropout, filing for bankruptcy in 2009, and living paycheck to paycheck. Despite these challenges, Elsa kept fighting. In 2015, she discovered the world of making money online, where she found a passion for earning an income while building a business around her family.

Although Elsa made many mistakes during the first three years of her entrepreneurial career, she was willing to learn and go all in. She left her corporate career forever in late 2017 and has been building an online business ever since. In 2021, Elsa launched her coaching business designed to help women over 40 build online businesses. Since launching, Elsa’s company has generated over $1 million in sales and has helped hundreds of women to build businesses around the basic fundamentals. Elsa’s success has been impressive, and she has been a finalist for the Emerging Mumpreneur of the Year 2022 in the “Ausmumpreneur Awards” and a finalist in “Coach of the Year, 2022” in Women Changing the World Awards.

Elsa’s company has two core programs, Altitude and Excellence & Mastery, under her Legacy Academy umbrella. Altitude is a group mastermind, while Excellence & Mastery is a one-on-one coaching program tailored to Elsa’s coaching clients and their needs. Elsa’s company has helped over 85% of its clients achieve the best months ever, personal bests, or breakthrough moments in their lives. Additionally, Elsa has expanded her team to five staff and has earned numerous incentive trips and car bonuses throughout her entrepreneurial career.

Furthermore, Elsa has developed multiple 7-figure property portfolios with her husband, which they built from scratch together. Elsa is passionate about helping others, and her company’s vision is to impact over 100,000 women through its system, the Legacy 3-step system, which helps women become unstoppable in their businesses and their life.

Elsa’s company, The Queenie Effect Publishing, has achieved several notable career highlights, including its first 6-figure month in late 2022, becoming a 2-time best-selling author, and launching the publishing arm of her coaching business called “Queen Effect Press.” Their first book, “Unstoppable,” achieved Best-Seller status within four hours and reached number 1 in 28 different categories in 4 countries.

Elsa has spoken on hundreds of stages throughout her career and inspired people worldwide. Elsa’s story is inspiring and motivational, proving that with hard work, dedication, and resilience, you can succeed, no matter your challenges. Elsa’s story is a testament to the fact that you should never let your past dictate your future. 

Elsa’s success is only the beginning of a long-lasting impact and legacy that will go on for generations.

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