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Lyubov Tsokolo is the organizer of the Dubai Forum

Dubai is all about community. As this trendy destination is getting more and more buzz every season, over the past years, it has also become much more than a luxury vacation plan or a travel hub, but a strong network of visionary people who reinvent opportunities and create the world of future. In here, it seems that impossible is nothing. This time, Dubai has transformed into a playground for a series of events inspired by Lyubov Tsokolo and The SUPER MAMA Club.

April 2023 comes in full swing for promising meetings and next-level connections. Lyubov Tsokolo and Natalia Petlyakova, together with their partners, held a number of business-oriented events for successful women and entrepreneurs from all over the world. A quality international audience is just the right environment for establishing beneficial contacts, expanding the social circle, and discovering brand new directions for growth, isn’t it?

This time, The SUPER MAMA Club has brought countless advantages to the table, ensuring an exceptional approach for club members, prominent speakers, and valued guests. SUPER MAMA Business Forum took place on March 28, bringing together outstanding personalities across the globe. Many participants have come from different countries to reconnect in person, share their experiences, and get inspired. On this day, Stella di Mare Hotel Dubai Marina hosted presentations by big company owners and experts revealing their secrets and tips on building a profitable international business, with lots of case studies and real-life examples to put into practice. And the best part is that even after the event, most members keep in touch, develop new projects together, and support each other like a family. By the way, this is one of the key advantages offered by SUPER MAMA Club: inviting you to a dynamic community of like-minded personalities open for your ideas.

In the first place, SUPER MAMA brand is focused on women power, motherhood, female entrepreneurship, and family traditions. To cherish the values of such a close-knit worldwide group, an unforgettable Gala Dinner was held on March 30. Ekaterina Odintsova, Svetlana Ermolova, Irena Soprano, and other celebrities arrived at Patriki restaurant to enjoy an ambiance full of unity, festive mood, and reasons to celebrate. In addition, SUPER MAMA International Ceremony concluded this bright event, distinguishing the achievements of prominent club members and their families.

In terms of event management, SUPER MAMA always stays at the forefront of the latest trends, planning out the whole experience in detail and taking care of every aspect with great attention. Thanks to elevated corporate standards, the professional team makes sure that everything is designed to exceed expectations and give solid benefits. When it comes to selecting partners and sponsors, SUPER MAMA brand is associated with a respectful status, impecable quality, and addressing the demands of a high-profile audience. This time, SUPER MAMA Business Forum was proudly sponsored by Sun Secret Collection concierge service and NF Group.

And there’s more! SUPER MAMA believes that when business and joy come together, new horizons are unlocked, and a fresh state of mind gives you much more energy to move forward. A rich agenda with exciting activities awaited everyone who joined: exclusive private meetings, a photo shooting for a magazine, a fashion show, a business breakfast, and an after-party. Just imagine: in a week, you can feel a complete transformation, present yourself and your business, find new friends, and notice positive changes in multiple areas of your life. Sounds great for us!

Seeing such a success, SUPER MAMA community is planning to organize the next session of offline events in Dubai in October 2023. If you want to elevate your business profile, gain global recognition, and exchange useful contacts, join The SUPER MAMA community for upcoming events and stay tuned!

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