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For Flaminia, part of the appeal to have achieved her ambition as an Australian-Italian Film Director, Member of Universalmusicgroup and Music Supervisor ( Friend of the Guild) has been the signature to a long list of experience. Her Master in Filmmaking permitted freelance results; Documentary/ Short films Rai. Born in Rome, raised in Sydney, joined the world . Flaminia thrives on taking a variety of roles , and to challenge this course in a creative whirlwind , she pronounces how music  is an  important element in filmmaking. She tells, It immerses an audience in a unique world. Music creates an emotion just as important as the visuals on screen. 

Woman of Wonder: Flaminia projects intuition,  decisions bring new attitudes involving how the online world can connect with immense impact.
“There is only one way of thought “ says Flaminia,  and that is to press technological progress as far as possible. A good Instagram  account, for example, is as important as billboard publicity. Flaminia emphasizes, highlighting these myriad factors can influence the public through the current state of creative culture. She goes on to say, “If you have an expressive  Instagram, people will follow you. Flaminia succeeds on the acclaim and quantity of social media presence. Check her Instagram on any given day and share her Instagram  Stories. Her iPhone is always on, and Flaminia is always online.

Through the eyes of a lens: Flaminia is a conduit for the culture around her. Together with her photo performance, she formulates concepts , makes connections, and celebrates society’s most influential trends. Flaminia knows what works and what doesn’t work. 

For Flaminia, creative collaboration in filmmaking is  also called Storytelling. This collaboration is a kind of magic scheme, where the viewer gets your attention. Flaminia treats collaboration like performing art, a film, a photoshoot, each partnership means something. Every performance is meant to be lived. Leaving nothing timeless.

Flaminia admits she may need to go back several times in order  to get the shot perfect, to check how it looks under different circumstances, she may need a little time to work out all the ramifications of it. For she claims, the real reason for being interested in all these things, as a Photographer, as a Filmmaker, is it is her great life game to describe in a digital image what is allegedly undescribable in words.

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