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This Chinese Jewelry Brand Converted Prosthetics Into Apparel Artwork.

Key points: 

  • YVMIN converts prosthetics into artwork. 
  • Xiao Yang had problems styling with her prosthetics. 
  • YVMIN made it possible that wearing prosthetics can be a part of styling. 

YVMIN’s innovative idea: 

Xiao Yang, a Chinese force to be reckoned with and model situated in Chengdu, has been wearing a prosthetic leg for just about 20 years. However she says it’s currently especially a piece of her body, Yang’s prosthesis has made her have a difficult relationship with style and sprucing up. “In secondary school, when I was exceptionally anxious to spruce up, I believed that the prosthetic appendages influenced my outside magnificence,” she tells Vogue. “Wearing a prosthesis likewise made one side of my rear end be disfigured. I [still] feel dangerous on the off chance that I wear tight jeans or tops that are more limited than the rear end—like [I’m] being uncovered. I wore T-shirts and straight jeans for quite a while.” 

As of late, notwithstanding, Yang started testing more with her design decisions and progressively wound up needing her prosthetic to mirror her smooth, present-day style (she has a wardrobe loaded with cool realistic tees and explanation coats, coincidentally). Slice to recently in Chengdu, when she met Xiaoyu Zhang and Min Li—the two architects behind the Chinese adornments brand YVMIN—and them three concocted a thought: What on the off chance that we deal with prosthetics like wearable craftsmanship? 

“We think it is simply normal to adorn any piece of our body, prosthetic also,” says Zhang. Yang was immediately ready for the idea, which included transforming her prosthetic appendage into an intense assertion embellishment of sorts. “This venture tells everybody that wearing a prosthesis is a reality that can’t be changed—yet wearing a prosthesis that looks lovely is likewise reachable,” Yang says. “This inclination is cool; there will be more individuals who need to encounter it.” The outcome? Three unique improving shells that can be worn over Yang’s prosthetic leg, with sweet subtleties like a heart-formed “knee cap.” 

Regularly, YVMIN makes sensitive, ladylike gems, like bowed studs and heart-formed pendant neckbands. Be that as it may, the planning team saw a chance to provoke themselves by working with Yang to make something completely new. “At the point when we saw Xiao sharing her OOTD photographs via web-based media with her solid individual style, we figured it would be a decent chance,” says Zhang. “We chose to just make the shell for the prosthesis, which keeps away from numerous specialized issues, and can likewise make many pieces simultaneously for Xiao to wear on various events,” says Zhang.

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