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Stella McCartney’s Promptest, Raciest Designs Are Anticipating Back.

Key points: 

  • The English fashion designer is back with her attractive and hot designs. 
  • Stella’s early 90’s and 00’s designs. 

Stella McCartney’s designs: 

The late ‘90s, rolling into the early ‘00s, is the fashion era I love most. It’s like minimalism got tipsy and started experimenting with mega-watt maximalism. It’s a chic whisper of a rhinestone, rather than the glitter that blinded the early aughts. Those years are best embodied by Stella McCartney at Chloé, who helmed the label from 1997 until 2001. And for quite some time, I’ve been steadily collecting her designs from her tenure at the French house. My closet is filled with those epic fruit T-shirts: bananas shaped as creepy-freaky hands cupping boobs; a big pineapple in the centre of the chest. I have a spicy, off-the-shoulder “69” top that creeps a little above my belly button whenever I’m out. I have a slew of the zodiac T-shirts: Taurus because that’s what I am…but also Sagittarius and Aquarius, which I’m not. I just really like the look of them. Whenever I wear any of these shirts, I feel like a walking wink. I’m just a girl who wants to have fun and look good while doing it.

And girls really do just want to have fun, which is why I’m not shocked that Bella Hadid stepped out in a Stella-era Chloé top yesterday. She was spotted strolling in a long-sleeve top with fuzzy letters spelling out “Chloé” trailing down the side. The model paired the top with a pair of low-slung denim jeans. While the shirt is simple, it signifies a shift in covetable vintage.

Gone are the days of uber-rare Jean Paul Gaultier mesh shirts or a Dior saddlebag as the ultimate conversation starter. We’ve seen so many of those sought-after, logomania-heavy designs that it feels tired. There’s not much to talk about anymore! The curiosity is gone thanks to feeding ubiquity and fat price tags. Instead, people are looking for slept-on eras of fashion (of course, it still runs the risk of becoming oversaturated, as is the cycle). Hadid is one of them. Just a few weeks ago, she wore a Celine tank top from the uber-luxe, but very quiet, a time when Michael Kors was at the helm.

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