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“Emotional Intelligence Almost Always Triumphs Over Cognitive Intelligence”- Software Wizard, Steven Hooley

In our daily lives, technology is indispensable. Today, technology is a significant part of every work we perform. We rely on it so heavily that living without it is impossible for us to even contemplate. All firms employ software for various functions, including record keeping, inventory tracking, timekeeping, and payroll. Steven Hooley is one of the brains behind these software packages that make life much easier.

Steven Hooley is a tech entrepreneur who helps companies make software that fits their needs. He was born on the edge of the modern age when computers were just starting to become commonplace in homes. When his grandfather purchased his first computer, he was already coding at age seven, modifying programs to carry out simple functions. Throughout his adolescent years, he acquired the skills to hack and reprogram various gadgets for diverse uses.

Steven has always loved picking up technological tricks. While in school, young Steven discovered he could do what he loved and yet make money, and then started designing websites for other students. Learning was really one of his favorite childhood activities, as noted by a high school teacher who said of him, “Steven is always learning, but he doesn’t let schooling get in the way of learning.”

He started out by helping local businesses with their computers. However, his drive to be an entrepreneur has helped him grow his business to the point where he now makes more than $700,000 a year. He owns several businesses that help other businesses grow and develop in different ways. All of these businesses are related to technology. His specialty is helping businesses add value through consulting and creating new software and applications.

Successful businessman Steven Hooley has worked with a wide range of clients in all specialized areas. His businesses specialize in offering fast solutions to impossibly tricky challenges. He plans to keep working in technology and then move into education to share his first interest with others who want to learn and improve their lives like him. Steven and his team frequently do impossible things for people at impossible times. They seek to outperform their past best since they are their own competition. They also have a challenging business strategy for rival firms to match. They never concentrate on the competition but rather on their clients and their work.

“Just do it. There isn’t always the right time, and you’re likely not going to be prepared. Just do it. You’ll learn as you go,” Steven says to aspiring entrepreneurs. He also counsels them to set their ego aside since humility is a powerful secret weapon that they will eventually come to grasp. According to him, emotional intelligence almost always triumphs over cognitive intelligence. “Your IQ, how intelligent you believe you are, and your opinion of someone else’s intelligence is irrelevant to me. You must be on the right side of that sentence, or it will bite you,” he stressed.

Steven has been working on various creative consultancy projects and software and apps. His company is a leader in numerous industries, including real estate, DJ/music, sports, trading, cryptocurrency, brand apps, e-commerce, mentoring, and more. He stated, “We can produce in any sector for any business. Our company strategy is distinct. Sometimes we work for one-time payments, but other times we share the profits and pay for the development ourselves. For a lot of firms out there, that’s exciting.”

Follow Steven on Instagram at @sbhooley to learn more about him.

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