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Dr. Sadri
Dr. Sadri


Dr. Sadri Invests in Start-Up Technology to Affect Progress in Ophthalmology

When you believe in yourself, you can do far more than you could think or imagine. The difficulty comes in fighting the self-imposed boundaries and limitations to obtain a clearer vision of the possibilities on the horizon. Dr. Ehsan Sadri has walked this road and struggled through the mud to find a future and dream worth fighting for, all while making a difference in the lives of his clients and impacting the industry of Ophthalmology. 

His bar of excellence is set only against himself, holding himself to continuously higher goals and strides in the progress within his field of expertise. Dr. Sadri of Visionary Eye Institute and Visionary Ventures has invested his time and passion into giving people the gift of sight and supporting innovators in the field to encourage technological advancement within the industry.

He has always been passionate about vision and helping his patients is a fulfilling path for Dr. Sadri. Through this venture capital fund, Dr. Sadri and his associates influence the direction of ophthalmology, utilizing his years of experience in the field to understand the needs of patients and recognize the gaps in care and technology. “I’m always fascinated on how to make patients see better and have the best experience,” he says of his career and practice.

“I have a fascination with solving unmet needs for patients and thus support and invest in start-up ophthalmology companies that help bring novel solutions for patients,” he says of his dream for making a difference in people’s lives. His eyes are set to the horizon and the possibilities are endless. 

Dr. Ehsan Sadri is well-respected and considered a thought leader in his field. He speaks at many Ophthalmology conferences and focuses on progressive and leading-edge techniques and technology to best serve vision patients. His experience expertise allows him to educate eye surgeons on vision preservation and correction. He plans to incorporate additional eyecare products to his repertoire, including sunglasses, eye creams, and blue-blocker glasses. 

To keep up with Dr. Sadri, check him out on Instagram at @DrEhsanSadri, visit his clinic at or check out his venture capital fund at

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