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ClickUp’s Chris Cunningham Brings Revolutionary Music Marketing to Tech

For most people, two universal aspects of daily life are working and listening to music. What if you combined the two? That’s exactly what B2B tech company ClickUp did earlier this year. 

ClickUp, the company that strives to replace all with one in the business realm, released its first album, Work Flows in February of 2023. The infectious album features 21 diverse tracks highlighting the intersection of music and work while adding a positive spin to the subject matter.  

Chris Cunningham, one of the company’s original founders helped lead the project spiraling highs. Doubling as a catchy tune for listeners and a business marketing strategy for the brand, the album already amassed over a million streams across both Spotify and Apple Music. 

I love music, I’m obsessed with music,” said Cunningham. “But I also think almost everyone listens to music as they work, as they go about their day. In some type of way, music is a part of almost everyone’s life. So what better way to touch people’s lives than music? We have a lot of talented people at ClickUp which was essential for us to create this album in-house. That really sets up apart.”

Ascending from musical roots, ClickUp’s CEO Zeb Evans, formerly known as DJ Curfew, and Cunningham first managed artist Kenneth Harkness, aka K.J., when they were in college. As artist management, they started a social media marketing company expanding profiles to exceptional heights, went on tour with two billboard artists, and eventually founded ClickUp. After garnering traction and expanding the business, K.J. leapt on board to further outreach and became the mastermind behind the new album.

The album features various songs across a wide array of genres, incorporating themes of rap, country, R&B, and more. Coming together as business professionals and artists, ClickUp produced the entire album in-house, a revolutionary strategy other companies have yet to do. The list of features is astronomical, showcasing the talents of rapper Ricky Ruckus, country artist Phillip Good, and of course rapper, singer, and songwriter K.J. 

I feel like it’s a superpower because for any other company, they would go and pay tons of money, try to get an artist, and not quite pull it off. We’ve pulled off something great with very minimal effort and spin. We would love to see what we can continue to do.”

Through Cunningham’s expansive network, ClickUp collected a rich profusion of popular artists. Rap artist Clever, a signee of Post Malone’s record label with a whopping 1.5 million Spotify monthly listeners, left his touch on the album. In addition, singer and songwriter Michael Minielli, who is touring with Anees, is featured on three tracks.

Rock and rap hybrid Midnight, featuring artists Clever and K.J., has gained over 163,000 streams on Spotify alone. Runner up at almost 128,000 streams is Look At The Boy Go with Minelli and K.J., soothing ears, energizing minds, and igniting work productivity. Doubling as both party anthem and work stimulator is Grindin’, a track you may hear soon at your local club. 

Within its arsenal of clever tracks, Work Flows simultaneously draws all eyes and ears back to ClickUp. The new move grabs attention from a plethora of audiences, beyond those centered in tech. With the new marketing method listeners and workers from various backgrounds can wash down a plate of work with revitalizing music.

It’s positive. It’s getting you pumped up for work. There’s nothing bad or negative in it. It makes you think about work in a clever way and it’s something you can put on repeat all the time,” said Cunningham.

Through his successes in marketing, technology, and music, Cunningham finds creative ways to leave lasting impressions on consumers across the globe. Rising from Martinsville Virginia, his achievements reinforce the belief that even small seeds can plant big trees. Working with influencers and now artists, his skills are elevating himself and ClickUp to new heights. 

The album, simple yet complex, proves itself to be a brilliant and authentic method to stimulate efficiency in the work environment while shining the spotlight on ClickUp. With the traction Work Flows has already gained, there is no telling its upcoming trajectory. Unlike your average work environment, ClickUp continuously develops ways to pair the grind with modern flair. 

No idea is too big. Don’t overthink it, start moving.”

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