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Chiropractor, Dr. Hoeper, Is Creating a Place Where People Can Go to Heal and Gain Power

Dr. Hoeper has been a chiropractic patient his entire life. In school, he gained knowledge in a variety of subjects, functional medicine being the first. He developed an interest in biochemistry and the potential therapeutic benefits of various diets and plants for various ailments. His path began with functional medicine. It enabled him to examine the bloodwork patients frequently received from their doctors and identify issues that primary care physicians frequently fail to see.

He also discovered that some patients did not request extra laboratory tests since they were often not covered by insurance, despite the fact that they could be beneficial in assessing a patient’s health. After years of ordering lab tests to assist patients in getting better, he began looking into other ways to monitor patients’ health in real-time. This included frequency testing, neurological feedback testing, and kinesiology testing. 

Using this form of evaluation enables him to look beyond the constrictions of the patient’s chemistry and evaluate the structural, chemical, as well as emotional components of the patient’s health. He can create a useful technique and course of action by fusing the inventiveness of neuroscience, chiropractic, acupuncture, biochemistry, and quantum physics. These techniques were developed by specialists in private practice who drew on decades or even centuries of clinical expertise to provide their patients with the finest care possible; they are not taught in schools.

Dr. Hoeper, a chiropractor and health adviser, works with patients physically and virtually, using various approaches, technologies, and diagnostic tools to find the body’s deficiencies, toxins, and sensitivities. His practice focuses on the psychological and biological roots of illness in addition to the physical composition of the body. He offers a variety of in-person therapies to help the body cleanse itself and finally perform at its peak. He also owns a storefront where he provides a selection of premium herbs and supplements. These supplements are warranted to be pure and efficient, in contrast to many other supplements available on the market.

Gaining people’s trust was Dr. Hoeper’s most significant business challenge. The western medical model of symptom-based therapy is so commonplace that people do not believe they have the power to change their existing state of health. Additionally, many people believe that “healthcare insurance” is the best way to stay healthy. 

Insurance companies often dictate how your doctor will care for you. As a result, you are put on a generic plan that is not tailored to your needs, preventing the practitioners from using their expertise to aid your rehabilitation. This typically leads to a plethora of appointments with doctors and “specialists,” as well as the use of many medications to mask symptoms without understanding the underlying cause.

The identical challenge is what drove Dr. Hoeper into the field. According to Dr. Hoeper, “Wanting to reform the system at the foundation prompted me to come into the industry since I regarded it as a challenge in the field. I am familiar with a lot of people who have been misled and who have only (sometimes) received band-aid fixes to their issues. 

The pharmaceutical business just treats the body; it does not work to heal it. When the body is cut, it heals itself. Dr. Hoeper claims that in order to survive, the body heals itself or adapts. His goal is to get people back to their basic, natural ability to heal themselves on any level, whether it’s structural, chemical, or emotional.

Dr. Hoeper stands out from other chiropractors because he has a special relationship with each of his patients. He takes on a gentle, direct demeanor with patients that they appreciate. “In order to prevent people from feeling scared, anxious, or overwhelmed,” he says, “I prefer to keep it fun even while we are talking about pretty serious matters.”

Along with his online dispensary, NUTRIFARMACY, and his office, he is now starting to venture into the online world, offering counseling and memberships. He is also aiming to develop a diversified practice. The ultimate goal is to create a place where individuals can go to heal and gain power, and having other like-minded practitioners would be amazing.

Dr. Hoeper is on Instagram as @dr.hoeperdc. Follow him to learn more about him and get some health tips.

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