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Bryan Gorrita, High-End Luxury Real Estate Broker, Shares his Wisdom and Insight

Bryan Gorrita is a businessman who witnessed his father work hard his whole life. “I realized very early on that in order to earn the right to be called an entrepreneur you must be willing to personally sacrifice everything to reach your goals,” Bryan Gorrita says. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as Gorrita follows right behind his father.

Bryan Gorrita runs multiple businesses. He’s the broker for a high-end luxury real estate team and is the co-founder of Bar agency and Fitpro Agency which both help identify, develop and expand clients’ business and professional brands. He’s a business coach, too. He has thousands of followers on Instagram, but Gorrita advises: “Growing up in a household of an entrepreneur I can tell you from first-hand experience that this occupation is not a life of glitz and glamor, and if you think it is then I highly recommend you look for another profession because it is not easy.”

You won’t find Bryan Gorrita leaning against an expensive sports car on his Instagram like every other entrepreneur out there – you’ll find the humble face of a man who knows what it takes to become successful. Gorrita, like most entrepreneurs, touts the importance of mindset: “Mindset is everything. It is the difference between making 50k a year to 1 million a year. Many people downplay their mindset and believe that it’s all junk. Before you embark on your journey you must already believe it before you start,” he says.

It’s how Gorrita is so successful. Gorrita had a lot of personal development to do to get where he is today. He traditionally began his business endeavors, earning his master’s degree in public administration with a specialization in government finance, contract management, and procurement, but it was when his family was split up due to being forced out of their housing that Gorrita had to seriously pull himself up and out: “While sleeping in my friend’s garage, I made a personal declaration to myself that I nor my family will never be placed in this situation ever again as long as I live,” Gorrita says.

Bryan Gorrita went on to start his high-end luxury real estate business. There was a growing need in Miami: “[I realized] the massive unmet need in the luxury and commercial real estate market in Miami due to the influx of people/corporations moving to south Florida that needed a broker that was well versed in the market,” Gorrita says. It was a niche he found that he was willing to fill. And his team earned a great reputation for making the transaction smooth for clients – not an easy thing to do in real estate.

“We provide white glove concierge service for our clients within the real estate space. We are known for making very smooth and efficient transactions possible in complex multi-layered environments,” Gorrita says.

Today, Bryan Gorrita is focused on teaching budding professionals. With his business partner, he just released a course. It includes lessons that will help entrepreneurs develop their brands so they can make more money online. Now his thousands of followers on Instagram can take an official course, rather than getting snippets of wisdom here and there from Gorrita’s Instagram. Aside from that, Gorrita is focused on maintaining a high level of service in his current businesses and looks to pursue real estate syndication in the future.

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