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Breaking Free: Ernesto Javier Font Turns Out to Be a Successful Entrepreneur Despite His History

A child’s worst nightmare is being brought up in a broken home. Children who witness their parents’ divorce grow up with a pessimistic outlook on life, which can be very detrimental. People from broken homes often have dyslexia and other mental health problems. They can’t focus on anything because their lives are constantly changing. Ernesto Javier Font is one such product of a broken home. Still, he decided to be intentional and not let the brokenness of his childhood define his future.

Ernesto Javier Font started out as a broken man, but he didn’t want that to be the focus of his story. He struggled to comprehend why his parents’ marital problems could not be resolved. He observed his mother struggle to make ends meet while working three jobs, and he only saw his father every other weekend. All of this, coupled together, messed with Javier’s childhood. 

After moving to Florida and becoming an adult, Javier ran into money problems. He lost his job and ran out of money. His eight-year girlfriend betrayed him and broke up with him, telling him that he would never amount to anything more than a lowlife.  Javier understood that a change was needed. 

He found mentors and gave his life to God when he accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Saviour. This was when Javier’s life was turned around for good. He soon started working in the real estate industry. When Javier decided to live a life of complete surrender, he went from being unemployed to having millions in real estate in less than 5 years. He explains, “God is the CEO of my life, and I’m only the general manager of this body he gave me to live through.”

Javier’s father has always been a significant figure in his life. His father never gave up on him, even though he started dealing drugs, gambling, and running up considerable debt early on. Javier owes his father for getting him started in real estate because he introduced him to the field. 

As a child, he wanted to be rich because he saw how hard it was for his mother and grandmother to make money. He was motivated to alter the narrative due to seeing how difficult it was for his mother, brother, and grandmother to make ends meet.  Javier now oversees three businesses. He is the broker and owner of Font’s Statewide Realty, Inc. This real estate company helps people in Central Florida buy, sell, invest in, and rent homes. 

He is the CEO and founder of Statewide Home Solutions, LLC. Statewide Home Solutions, LLC is a real estate investment company specializing in buying properties. They either fix them up and sell them for a profit, or wholesale them to other investors at a lower price. Javier is also the founder and CEO of the educational company After Hours Success, LLC, which mentors students on personal development, mindset, and how to become a successful realtor, among other things.

The millions of dollars Javier has amassed are not how he measures his success. Instead, the lives he has changed are where he has achieved his most tremendous success. His first significant achievement was always being able to provide for his mother by being able to buy her a home. As his brother transitioned from a corporate career to real estate, Javier urged him to take charge of his life’s course. 

He is enthusiastic about motivating youngsters to achieve their greatest selves since he has firsthand experience of living in a broken household and a low-income community. He counsels them on how to live moral lives and encourages them to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

According to Javier, it takes time to get started on any new project. Developing brand recognition takes time. Your phone will ring if your marketing plan is consistent, though. Finding the right team is crucial when trying to raise money. To make your systems, procedures, and logistics work together, you need dependable individuals who share your vision and mission. Only by undergoing a personal metamorphosis can one achieve success. You need to break harmful habits and improve your emotional quotient. It’s also crucial to have trust and patience. 

He says numerous characteristics are included in the mindset as a whole. Being responsible for your actions is essential when starting a business because it will influence how successful it is. “If you don’t enter the business with the appropriate attitude, it will fail,” he warns.

Javier is working on a book he hopes to put out soon, creating courses for real estate, and growing his YouTube channel. In addition, launching a nonprofit foundation and developing a clothing line are some other projects Javier has in the works. He is on Instagram as @Javiererinspiredme. Follow him to learn more about his journey.

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