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Brazilian physician Dr. Aldo Grisi, national reference in hormonal implants and a highlight in Nutrology

Grisi combined knowledge and experience to undertake, establishing his own medical clinic

Born in São Félix (BA), Recôncavo Baiano and from a humble family, Dr. Aldo Araújo Grisi has always been an academic dedicated to the area of ​​Health. Graduated in Medicine from the State University of Santa Cruz (UESC); one of the best colleges in the country.

His trajectory is marked by constant professional improvement and the credibility he has achieved in his medical practice, becoming one of the national references in hormonal implants and synonymous with healthy longevity.

Postgraduate in Nutrology from Hospital Albert Einstein and ABRAN – Brazilian Association of Nutrology and Hospital Albert Einstein; The Doctor. Aldo Grisi currently has a busy schedule of patient care in Salvador (BA), São Paulo (SP), Itabuna (BA) and Maceió (AL).

Working for more than 10 years in the practice of medicine, Grisi combined knowledge and experience to undertake, establishing his medical clinic, specializing in nutrology, hormonal implants and injectable orthomolecular therapy. With active participation on his Instagram @aldogrisi.reserva, Dr. Grisi brings his followers closer to medicine in a practical, objective, light and fun way; taking information, demystifying taboos and prejudices; plus plenty of entertainment through your sweaty and running routine.

Providing anonymous services to celebrities beyond famous, the Bahian businessman studies and plans to expand his service to other states on Brazilian soil, bringing quality of life and health to his patients.

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