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Madison Beer and Vanessa Hudgens should germinate these great skincare labels to an unexpected level.

Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens

Key Sentence:

  • The two stars shared why they teamed up with dermatologist Karen Kaga.
  • I admit that Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer, united in one skincare brand, are not on my beauty brand bingo card.

I don’t think many TikToks tarot cards could set me up on the For You page on Know Beauty, which is due out today, June 22. But how do these two stars balance each other out? Beer is friends with Hudgens’ little sister, Stella, so Beer runs into Hudgens a lot while traveling. However, they didn’t bond until they started sharing their skincare concerns last year, says Beer.

The 22-year-old singer did not budge with the typical puber skin problem that was getting bigger and bigger. In contrast, Beer only encountered acne four years ago. Everything he tried to repel his breakthrough failed. Defeated, exhausted, and desperate, Beer wants something – anything – to give him the answer he’s been searching for.

On the other hand, Hudgens is increasingly concerned about the condition of his skin and aging. “Once I turned 30 and started seeing things in my skin that weren’t in my 20s, I wanted to make skincare a priority,” says Allure, 32. “I also want to know that I’m wearing the right things on my skin that will last as long as possible.” and treatment.

“We both spent so much money and were frustrated trying a product that ended up doing the exact opposite of what we expected,” says Hudgens. During last year’s chat, they toyed with ideas about what they wanted in the market before saying they had to do something about it. Know Beauty is practiced with the help of dermatologist Karen Kaga.

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