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As an accomplished musician, desi pop star, and versatile artist, KZR (Kayzar) has made it to the top of his game.

KZR (Kayzar)

The music industry is full with incredible, brilliant, and outstanding artists who each have their own unique style that distinguishes their work from the rest. KZR (Kayzar) is taking charge of his destiny by pursuing his passion and building a career as a musician. His songwriting abilities have propelled him to great heights as an artist! KZR (Kayzar) is an artist to keep an eye on because of his combination of singing ability and emerging writing ability.

Several critics have praised KZR (Kayzar) work for being “captivating, diversified, and multinational.” Because of his intense interest in music from a young age, he used to sing in the rah studio and rah helped him in his tough time, now rah is his musicengineer. KZR (Kayzar) is now a professional musician as a desi pop star.

His passion in music began when he was in secondary school. It was difficult for him to sit down and consider what would work best for him in terms of music and higher studies, but his parents encouraged him towards further education and a regular 9-5 took the lead. 

KZR (Kayzar) reveals more about his journey, stating that a lot of the foundational work he needed to perform as a musician may be pretty simple. However, he did not claim that it was simple – he stated that it required dedication, planning, and discipline, but that, in terms of difficulty, it was fairly straightforward. It comprises of the creation of content, the development of relationships, and the ability to be present and visible. He had come to realise that no matter how much talent he has or how hard he worked, no matter how good your sound may be, it can never be appreciated by everyone. Particularly relevant to those working in the music industry, who will always have their own preferences and biases when it comes to what they consider to be ‘excellent.’ A major issue for KZR (Kayzar) was learning how to remove himself from those opinions and continue to create music that he enjoyed despite the negative feedback from his peers.

Today, he is a well-known desi pop singer who has released hit songs such as Come to me ft. T Kay, Let’s ride, Hustle ft. Rafi & AR Malik, Rolling ft. Rafi, AJ, and Smmunni, which have helped him establish himself as a contender in the industry and serve as an inspiration to other aspiring musicians.

KZR (Kayzar) music can be found on a variety of streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and YouTube. You may also follow him on his instagram page, KZR (kayzar) Official, where he posts updates on his life. “Whillin ft. Only H & Rachiee” is his most recent single, which was released recently. And he has many more songs which is completed but yet to release.


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