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Ailton Julio, Verinha, with his jovial laugh won thousands of followers 

Discovered by Carlinhos Maia, Verinha started to be a success in 2018 and already demonstrates all its artistic potential.

Ailton Julio do Nascimento Neto, aka Verinha, 32 years old from Alagoas, is part of the group of influencers embraced by comedian Carlinhos Maia; the right person, at the right time, knocking on your door, opening up unexpected opportunities. Verinha, on the other hand, had the right laugh, when it was recorded during Carlinhos’ visit, in the municipality of Penedo, in Alagoas.

Maia highlighted Vila Primavera, famous in his stories recorded in the municipality of Penedo, where the artist usually honors the residents in his videos. Until one day he focused on Ailton’s laugh, the then Verinha was unknown, until he reached 3 thousand followers, shortly after 150 thousand, and currently he has more than 1 million followers. 

Cheers, one after another for the new influencer

Verinha didn’t stop making videos anymore. Its popularity continues to grow. His posts involve friends, family and the municipality of Penedo, celebrating the beauties of Alagoas. The positive comments on the networks led him to continue to publish videos that are joyful and contagious, as people identify with his smile.

“I always thank this brother (Carlinhos Maia) for the opportunity who changed my life and many others. I thank each of my followers who are with me always” – highlights Verinha.

The influencer has the potential to follow your dreams

Promoting events and also supporting other artists on social media is his big bet. Verinha works as a model for stores and also makes a VIP presence at events, also being one of the supporters of Alagoas tourism, which contributed to highlighting the city of Penedo.

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