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After crushing the Mini Capsule Collection Series for women, ace fashion couturier Justin Haynes introduces “Men’s Pre Fall Mini Capsule Collection.”

With his much-talked-about Mini Capsule Collections, he has taken multiple steps forward in the whole of fashion world.

Over the years, it was noticed how a few industries only focused on a particular gender to serve them with a customized approach. The fashion space was so behind. Many designers and fashion brands created and curated more looks for women than men across the world, affixing fashion to only women. But today’s times call out for risk-takers and modern solutions for modern-day issues. This has paved the way for so many astute minds and creative souls in the fashion space that have strived to change people’s perspectives on fashion, making them understand how fashion cannot be affixed to a particular gender. Justin Haynes, who the world knows as the Fashion Lifestyle Icon and an ace fashion couturier and brain behind his brand “JUS10H” (, advocates fashion for all.

By saying fashion for all, he means that certain brands create collections that are gender-specific, but now is the time to explore and experiment more in the fashion industry; he believes that everything should be made available for everyone. This is why after crushijg his Mini Capsule Collection series for women, he has introduced the Men’s Pre Fall Mini Capsule Collection. The collection is called “Modern Military,” bringing a modern spin on military inspired looks.

The Military style has proved to be more than just a fleeting trend and now has become a classic look for men around the world. This well tailored collection has become a talking point in the fashion space today, catching international eyes for Paris, France. The amazing looks curated by the custom design tailor and fashion couturier has already amazed the fashion critics and fashion lovers all over.

Some of his incredible works include the oversized Military Jacket made from authentic camouflage from Peru, the patchwork Military Shirt with the match patch dungaree, the multi-check tailored fit shirt and bell bottom green plaid pants, and of course, the oversized military trench, which Justin Haynes is known for most.

Check The Men’s Pre Fall Mini Capsule Collection.

Adding the oomph and the style to men’s clothing, Justin Haynes (@theofficialjus10h) proves why he is a fashion genius.


Fashion Designer/Tailor: #JUS10H
Photographer: Scott Parker
Model: Tyler A Mcmillian

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